AI, Video Analytics and Crime Prevention

Currently most city’s police are installing more than a lakh cameras in public places. Let us see how this massive data can be used for crime prevention. Crime investigation maybe more or less straight forward and need little discussion. Let us concentrate only on crime prevention. The mere presence of camera on the streets and Read more about AI, Video Analytics and Crime Prevention[…]

ITIL4 and the missing ITSM Life-cycle

ITIL V3 gained popularity from the then newly introduced concept of managing IT Service Management Life-cycle. They saw it as a complete picture and  a roadmap to achieving IT business maturity. The framework handed out 5 core books each in-depth, explaining life-cycle stages within IT Services right from the conception stage to recurring improvement and Read more about ITIL4 and the missing ITSM Life-cycle[…]

ITIL4 and the mystery of Root Cause

We all know ITIL4 version of the ITIL framework is launching soon in first quarter of 2019. A little background –  ITIL has become the defacto standard for anyone following the IT Service Management way. Till now we have had multiple versions of ITIL, with ITIL V2 being quite popular and post that ITIL V3 Read more about ITIL4 and the mystery of Root Cause[…]

Intelligent Schooling Solution – EvolvU

EvolvU is a futuristic Smart schooling system. It has the most advance tools for schools, parents and students with a real time update of activities/happenings/reports from within the class and school campus. Schools have to deal with Heavy Administrative processes Compliance Reporting Communications (quick and transparent) Event Managements Supporting services (Transport, Stationery, etc) Large number Read more about Intelligent Schooling Solution – EvolvU[…]

Key to Building a strong and powerful workforce

In India, as per studies, average number of employable graduates coming out of colleges is just around 22%   I am sure we all believe every child is gifted with some skills. If every child is gifted with skills then why only 22% of them are found to be employable after degree education? I ascertained Read more about Key to Building a strong and powerful workforce[…]

Education Needs Revolution

  The next revolution is in the field of Education. Unless there is, jobs will be lost to mediocracy and inefficiencies. The current situation being gloomy, lot of time, effort and money is spent on re-skilling of graduates [fresh pass-outs from colleges & universities]. At the existing rate in near future the new normal will Read more about Education Needs Revolution[…]

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