September 13, 2018

Internships at AceVentura

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Since we are receiving numerous requests for internships, we thought it fit enough to have posted information on this section

Why we promote Internships!

There are just 2 reasons why we support and promote internships amongst fresh graduates. These might appear of self interest, but thats how we operate

  1. We believe every new graduate should get opportunity to prove themselves and we want you to have this opportunity as long as you are interested in developing your career in the skills that AceVentura requires
  2. We are keen to hire right people, so we keep looking for fresh talents


What do we expect?

It is very important for you to know what we expect from you before you join or even apply for internship. The list below is in the order of importance

  1. Willingness and commitment to learn and deliver (You will be guided and mentored – not trained)
  2. Follow company policies, rules and disciplines (even when you are an intern, you will be treated on par as everybody else)
  3. Do your homework and know the basics of the skills you will be an intern for.

Apart from the above, you should be passionate about the internship program that you are going to do with us. We expect output from your effort and time spent with our organization (this will also be your internship project ).


How is the program conducted?

Mostly it is case to case basis, but if you perform, we will offer to hire you (could be during or at the end of the program).

You will be provided with guidance and time to garner skills with the assistance of mentors.

Once you have groomed your skills, you will be given projects/  tasks / assignments to deliver on the basis of your confidence level and organizations need.

Your performance will be monitored and reviewed regularly for quality and time-line adherence.


You should note, AceVentura will provide the internship experience letter only on basis of the output you deliver during your internship period.

You can write an email to on you interest for internships with your resume

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