August 8, 2016

Smart Schooling System

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EvolvU Intelligent Schooling Solution – Bridging Skills Gap

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“The true purpose of Education is to make minds, not (just) careers” – William D

EvolvU is a futuristic SMART education solution right at your fingertips. It’s a most advance tool for schools, parents and students with a real time update of activities/happenings/reports from within the class and school campus.


EvolvU would help in reducing the gap of what skills are demanded and what is developed in the schools


The primary benefit of the EvolvU is to ease the managing of School organization and reduce the overall duplicity of efforts. Increase the communication and coordination between the students/parents and school management. Digitalize all records and make it easily retrievable on demand. Report on the health of different services provided by school. Track and monitor the progress on a single dashboard without intervention.

Modules in the School ERP Application

Sr. No. Module Name Functionality
1 Student Management 1. Enroll students
2. Manage all students
3. Keep parent’s information
2 Staff Management 1. Maintains all records of school staff
2. Leave Process (Request, Approve, Calculate and Report)
3 Homework management 1. Teacher can assign homework for each class & division subject wise.
2. Students & parents can view homework that is assigned to every student.
3. Teacher can add remarks about the homework against every student.
4. Parent can reply on the homework assigned
4 Attendance management 1. Teachers can record attendance of students in this module.
2. Multiple attendance per subject can be collected
3. Attendance management module can be used to view attendance reports.
4. Admin can collectively view attendance for the whole school.
5 Academic management 1. Create subjects based on class/standard
2. Create examination schedules (units, terms, semesters, finals)
3. Students and teachers have profile-based access to the exam schedule.
4. Assign marks and grades
5. Promotion of students from one class/standard to next one
6. Printing Report cards
6 Library Management 1. Order for new Books for Library
2. Approval mechanism for ordering books
3. Librarian maintains records of issued, reissued and overdue books.
7 SMS Facility 1. Message will be sent to every parent whose kids are dropped at school and left from school, along with the bus number.
8 Time Table 1. Time table is created based on class, lectures, duration & division.
2. Time table is seen by respective parent / student logins.
9 Notices/Events and Remarks 1. Remarks are digitally sent to parent and replied by parents
2. Notices & Events can be sent to parents and students.
10 Transport system 1. Manage student transport Vehicals
2. Create routes for pickup and drop
3. Notify real time when a student is picked up and dropped along with location details
4. Easily manage case of vehical under repair or vehical emergency change
11 Historical data 1. Manage year on year data without loosing references
2. Move from one academic year to another with a single click of button
3. View data from past without impacting current data
12 Fees Management 1. Set Fees Structure for differenct sections
2. View Pending / due amounts for total school
3. View Pending / due amounts per student
4. Receive fees and generate receipt prints
5. Send reminders for payment
13 Achievements 1. Capture achievements of the students
2. View Reports of achievements
14 School Letters 1. Create Templates of School Letters (Bonafied, School Leaving, Certificate of Achievements)
2. Capture details all generated letters from the portal
3. Printing facility of letters for authentication and reference.
15 Student Online Evaluation 1. Create online Assignments
2.Sudents complete the assignments online
3. Automated evaluation and marking
4. Trend analysis of the Student Performance

Roles for the Application

Admin manages the complete application.

  • Create user with different roles like management, finance, teacher, student, parent, and librarian.
  • Manage Student.
  • Manage Staff
  • Enter Marks
  • Add new class
  • Add new subjects
  • Add new divisions
  • Add new Leave type
  • Add notices or events
  • Add remarks
  • Add Exams
  • Add new departments
  • Promote student
  • Check books availability in the library
  • Book Requisition (can do book requisition)
  • Leave allocation (allocate leave to particular staff members)
  • Leave application (can apply for leave)
  • Approve stationary (approve stationary request)
  • Reset password
  • Look after the system settings (like logo Changing address, name of school, year).
  • Backup of the whole system data
  • Change Role
  • Create time table (for all class and divisions)

Management can manage the approvals like payment and leave approvals

  • manage student staff, view various reports balance leaves, staff attendance, payment report.
  • Manage Students
  • Manage Staff
  • Check book availability in library
  • Book Requisition
  • Approve Leave (approve all leave applications also has the authority to reject leave applications)
  • Approve Payment

Finance module can manage the complete financial related issues

  • approving the purchase request, view the payment requisition.
  • Can view the reports for receipts and payments
  • Can also add the income heads and expense heads, payee information
  • Create Receipts (receipts can be generated and can be printed)
  • Payment Requisition (can do the payment request)
  • Approve book purchase request

Teacher can manage his/her own profile as well as student’s profile

    • view the balance leave
    • apply for leave, enter the marks for students.
    • Manage students
    • Student attendance
    • Manage self profile
    • Can change the password
    • Enter marks
    • Stationary requisition
    • Check book availability
    • Book requisition
    • Leave application
    • Add homework
    • Add remarks
    • View Notices and events


Student can view their own profile and marks given by teacher

  • Can view their profile
  • View academic results
  • View Homework
  • View Remarks
  • View Notices and Events
  • View Time table</li
  • Single window to view the profile of their child details
  • View their own profile
  • Change their password
  • View marks of their particular child
  • View and reply Remarks
  • View and reply Home works
  • View Notices and events
  • View Time table
  • View members details like (staff, students)
  • Book availability
  • Issue book
  • Return book
  • Approve book requisition
  • View stationary request, create stationary requisition.
  • Can create members
  • Add new book details
  • Add category for books
  • Balance Leave
  • Consolidated Leave
  • Staff attendance
  • Receipts
  • Expenses & Payments


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