November 2, 2015

Project Management & Governance

Open House Training – PMP®

We are Registered Education Provider of (PMI®), USA
The Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification is designed to lead the participants to an internationally recognized Certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI®), USA.QUICKWIN ACE VENTURA, conducts this training program as an Open House Training as well as at the Corporate Trainings at their sites.

Why do PMP®?

  • PMP® is the most valued Certification in the field of Management.
  • PMP® has the international recognition.
  • PMP® Professional having PMP® Certification foster credibility with the clients for possessing a solid foundation of Project management knowledge, which can be productively applied in the workplace.
  • The PMP® Program is designed to train the participants to be effective Project Managers
  • It is intended to help them unlearn the practical way of coordinating projects & relearning in the PMI structured methodology
  • This program is been delivered by intellectuals having a proven track record of having delivered successful projects in the past. The program also covers real life project scenarios & are interactive, so that the participants are able to relate to concepts & participate actively.

PMP® Examination Eligibility Criteria

  • 35 contact hours specific to project management education (Awarded by QUICKWIN ACE VENTURA)..
  • Bachelor’s Degree or more
  • Minimum 3 years professional project handling experience, during which 4,500 hours are spent leading and directing project tasks.
  • Without a Bachelor’s Degree, Applicants must have a minimum five years professional project handling experience, during which at least 7,500 hours are spent leading and directing project tasks.

Target Audience

  • Project Manager
  • Program Manager
  • System Analys
  • Delivery Manager
  • Team coordinator
  • Functional Manager
  • some one who has Minimum
    3 years professional project
    handling experience.

Course Duration

  • Duration : 4 days
  • Contact Hours :35

Day-wise Breakup

Day 1:

  • Introduction to Project Management Framework
  • Introduction to Project Lifecycle & Organization
  • Introduction to Five Process Groups & their constituent Processes
  • Introduction to Nine PM Knowledge Areas

Day 2:

  • Knowledge Area 1: Project Integration Management
  • Knowledge Area 2: Project Scope Management
  • Knowledge Area 3: Project Time Management
  • Knowledge Area 4: Project Cost Management

Day 3:

  • Knowledge Area 5: Project Quality Management
  • Knowledge Area 6: Project Human Resource
  • Knowledge Area 7: Project Communication Management
  • Knowledge Area 8: Project Risk Management

Day 4:

  • Knowledge Area 9: Project Procurement Management
  • Knowledge Area 10: Project Stakeholder Management
  • How to fill up Application Form
    Professional Ethics as per PMBOK®
  • Tips for passing PMP and Question answers, Mock examination

Concepts of PMP®

  • PMBOK Framework
  • Portfolio
  • Program and Project
  • Major Project Management deliverables
  • Project Organization Structure
  • WBS, OBS, RBS concepts
  • Cost Baseline concepts
  • Common cost concepts like NPV, IRR, Payback Period, ROI, ROCE, etc
  • Earned Value calculations
  • PERT / CPM Mathematical calculations
  • Expected Monetary Value / Decision Tree Analysis
  • 7 basic tools of Quality (Brainstorming, Control charts, Delphi technique, Ishikawa Diagrams, Gantt Charts, etc)
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  • Ouchi’s Theory
  • Herzberg Theory of Hygiene factors
  • Theory X and Y
  • Management and Contingency reserves
  • Contract types
  • PMI Code of Conduct
  • Professional ethics


We design the Program for your convenience

Our Course is a mix of instructor led and self learning with interactive and real-life examples specific to your industry.

The training material is with top notch quality content featuring lot of pictures & lesser words, based on instructional design method. We deliver the concepts of Project management specified in the PMBOK® Guide Knowledge Areas & Process Groups (Fifth Edition) and supplementary material required for the PMP® examination.

We design Classroom exercises and memory joggers to facilitate the learning and application of the contents.
We have an extensive set of questions in our MOCK Tests which give you a touch and feel of real examination.

PRINCE2® (Projects IN Controlled Environments)

Certification Course is a process-based method for effective project management

PRINCE2® means PRojects IN Controlled Environment. PRINCE2® is a process-based approach for project management providing an easily tailored and scalable method for the management of all types of projects. The method is the de-facto standard for project management in the UK and is practiced worldwide. This course prepares the delegates to appear for the APMG PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Level Project Management Certification and pass it successfully.


  • Widely recognized Project Certification across the world
  • Demonstrates your understanding of Project Management
  • Certification increases your Marketability
  • Approval of your knowledge of Project Management
  • Proof of Professional Achievement
  • Improves + the way you manage your Projects

PRINCE2® Practitioner Examination Eligibility Criteria Preferably 3 years

Target Audience

  • Project Manager
  • Program Manager
  • System Analyst
  • Delivery Manager
  • Team coordinator
  • Functional Manager
  • some one who has Minimum 3 years professional project handling experience.

Course Duration

  • PRINCE2® Foundation : 2 days
  • PRINCE2® Practitioner : 2 Days

PRINCE2® Foundation Course Contents

Day 1 :

  • More About PRINCE2 Foundation
  • Principles of PRINCE2®s
  • Business Case Theme
  • Organization Theme
  • Quality Theme
  • Plans Theme
  • Risk Theme
  • Change Theme

Day 2 :

  • Progress Theme
  • Mock test for Foundation Examination
  • Business case Scenarios
  • Certification Examination

PRINCE2® Practitioner Course Contents

Day 3 :

  • Introduction to PRINCE2® Practitioner
  • Starting up a Project Process
  • Directing a Project Process
  • Initiating a Project Process

Day 4 :

  • Controlling a Stage Process
  • Managing a Product Delivery Process
  • Managing a Stage Boundary Process
  • Closing a Project Process
  • PRINCE2® Practitioner Mock Test

Important Concepts of PRINCE2®

Customer and Supplier-side

Interests PRINCE2 assumes a customer/supplier environment in which there is a customer who will specify the desired outcome and probably pay for the project and a supplier who will provide the resources and skills to create that outcome. The customer and supplier may or may not be part of the same organization

Project Initiation Document (PID

The PID is the focal point for all information relating to the ‘what, why, whom, how, when and where’ of the project so that it can be agreed by key stakeholders and then kept upto-date and used for guidance and information for those involved in the project.


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