Key to Building a strong and powerful workforce

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In India, as per studies, average number of employable graduates coming out of colleges is just around 22%


I am sure we all believe every child is gifted with some skills.

If every child is gifted with skills then why only 22% of them are found to be employable after degree education?

I ascertained our education system needs to be revamped at a larger scale but should start at a  root level i.e school education

The need is to find out what skills does each of the student posses so that they can be groomed to become employable and become an expert on the subject. This has to be done through a 360 degree continual assessment through various data points.

Though critical, conducting exams or tests will provide only few data points in the overall strategy of building competent workforce.

The system has to accept that only few students will be all-rounders while the majority would be bettering in one, two or three subject streams. The majority bunch needs to be managed with education streams that will provide with motivation, dedicated knowledge training and empathy. The system has to adjust to the requirements of students area of knowledge rather than have a factory model. Every student has to be focused upon rather than promoting a body shopping framework.

The thought process of running a factory model where mass production of humans with little of all knowledge areas from the schools has to be eradicated because the college education further ruins capabilities of the already confused student with training of outdated methodologies and taking no accountability for the careers of the students.

I have had plenty of experiences of graduates who have completed their MBAs but are least capable of performing without additional training. There are lots of graduates who are not sure of what they want to do even after completing their studies. Many graduates who we hire as interns find their skill paths only after spending 2 to 3 years into employment and by this time the system doesn’t allow them to change their paths.

AceVentura has taken first steps into building an ecosystem to analyze skills within few schools and will help schools to promote and build skills that will be employable soon after school education. With hundreds of data points we can ascertain the natural skills the child posses and focus on them to make them more proficient and skillful.

This mission requires unified education system to produce strong and competent skilled force.

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